LED Headlight Bulb Ballast/Driver Relocation Kit for Ford F-150 (2015+)

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  • Contents of kit
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It is recommended that you install the ballast/driver on the outside of the headlight cavity on the 2015+ Ford F-150s. Due to the design of the 2015+ F-150 housing, the led ballast will create additional heat within the headlight cavity and possibly cause the LED diode on the bulb to overheat. This relocation kit fixes this problem.

The Silicone & Extension Wiring Kit includes the following:

-1 Packet of RTV Silicon

-One pair of extension wires (based on the bulb size and housing style)

-One pair of rubber boots (or grommets for the Anzo Low Beams)

-Wire connectors.

These help aid the installation of the Ballast outside the 2015+ Ford F-150 headlight housing.