RPG Off-Road 3rd Brake Light/Chase Light w/NMO Mount for 2009-2014 Ford F-150

  • RPG Off-Road 3rd Brake Light/Chase Light w/NMO Mount for 2009-2014 Ford F-150


The RPG Off-Road 3rd Brake Light/Chase Light is one of the best 3rd brake lights with integrated chase lights on the market for your F-150 Raptor. The billet aluminum chase lights are manufactured in-house at RPG Off-Roads facility here in the USA. They are finished with a black cerakote to ensure they last the life of your truck. The brake lights feature integrated red led marker lights along with 3x Baja Designs S2 lights. The outer two Baja Designs lights act as chase lights and are controlled from your switch panel while the center S2 light acts as a cargo light/reverse light.



  • Proudly machined in-house in the USA
  • 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Designed to mount (3) Baja Designs S2 lights
  • Includes (3) LED brake lights and NMO mount w/ 17ft cable
  • Mounts to cab using factory mounting locations
  • New gasket included
  • Semi-gloss black cerakote finish


We allow you, the customer, to choose what lighting setup works best for you. Amber lights are required for most nighttime events while white lights are good for lighting up trails behind you or campsites.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: We recommend going with S2 Pro, Driving/Combo Amber on the outside and S2 Pro, Wide Cornering in the center. This gives you a Spot and Wide Cornering Lens (Driving/Combo) in Amber which is perfect to act as a chase light, allowing drivers behind you to see you on the trails at night. The center light in a Wide Cornering is a great wide pattern to help illuminate behind you at a camp site, going in reverse or looking for cargo. You can opt for the S2 Sport, which will save you some money but be less bright.

The RPG Off-Road 3rd Brake Light/Chase Light has an integrated NMO Antenna mount. This allows you to install a standard NMO antenna on top of the brake light for radios. The brake light includes an NMO extension cable which connects to the back-side of the brake light and can be ran to your radio of choice. This cable is pre-terminated with a PL-269 connector to plug right into the back of your radio. If you choose not to run an antenna you can simply install a generic NMO antenna cap to cover this up.

The wiring harnesses are made here in the USA by LVJ Motorsports AND are designed to work perfectly with your brake light, giving you control over your S2 lights. There are three wiring harness options to choose from

  • BASIC HARNESS: This harness provides integration of the 3 marker/brake light LED's with factory wiring harness as well as connecting the center light to the cargo light circuit.  Two additional circuits are provided to connect the outer lights to the factory upfitter switches in the passenger kick panel.
  • BASIC w/REVERSE HARNESS: This harness has all the features of the basic harness, but also connects the center light to the brake light circuit so that it comes on automatically when the truck is placed in reverse.
  • STOP/TAIL/TURN w/REVERSE HARNESS: This harness includes a stop/tail/turn controller to integrate the outer to lights with the factory brake/turn signals. It includes inputs for connecting to your aux switches for:
    • Master power to turn the system on/off
    • Strobe Function
    • Strobe pattern change (momentary switch to be optionally mounted in the dash)
    • Constant on override to disable the turn/brake integration
    • Connects the center light to the brake light circuit (optional) so that it comes on automatically when the truck is placed in reverse.

NOTE: This item is currently in production and will ship once manufacturing is complete. Actual images shown may not reflect the final product. Vehicles with factory rear cameras built into the brake light will need to re-use their factory camera. Not all vehicles support 3rd brake light integrated cameras. You will need to install the Baja Designs S2 lights into the brake light housing upon receipt.


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