LED Pod Lights

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Which pod lights are right for you? Here's the rundown on the various brands we carry.

Baja Designs make the best quality lights in our opinion. They carry a Lifetime Warranty and can withstand a lot of abuse. Some of their features include the ability to change the bezels/lenses out yourself without voiding any warranties. They are well known in the racing industry as well as with government vehicles. Their assortment of products offers the end-user many size lights from their small S1 lights down to the very large LP9 lights.

Diode Dynamics are a bit newer to the market then some of the other brands but are Made in the USA. With an 8 year warranty you can get a lot for your money with Diode Dynamics. They also feature user replaceable lenses and bezels. They offer a variety of size pods similar to Baja Designs with their SSC1 being their smallest led pods and their SS5 being their largest.

KC HiLITES have been around since the '70s and are a well known brand. Their warranty is a 5 years on electrical components and lifetime on housings/lenses/hardware. They are known for their unique design and brand recognition.

Morimoto is a well known brand that has been around for a while. Relatively new to the off-road lighting market their Banger series of off-road lighting pods are proving to be popular. Their HXB Series products are VERY bright. They feautre a unique look compared to other traditional pod lights. Their 1Banger pods are their smallest with the BigBanger being the largest. Their pods include a lifetime warranty.

Rigid Industries is another well known brand that has been around the off-road market for a long time. Their products have been seen everywhere from off-road events to OEM vehicles. A trusted and well known brand with a variety of lighting options. Their lighting products include a lifetime warranty.

LED Pod Lights