Hard Folding Bed Covers

The BAKFlip MX4 is constructed entirely from alloy materials, including heavy-duty aluminum top panels and side rails. Unlike comparable soft-folding tonneau covers, you can't simply slice through the MX4 with a pocket knife. No matter the cargo in the bed, you can rest assured that your gear's protected by a premium bed cover from BAK industries.

From $1,199.99


Extang Solid Fold ALX
While the Solid Fold ALX might look like just another hard folding bed cover, its feature-packed design proves to be anything but average. Built from lightweight, 1-inch thick EnduraShield panels, the Solid Fold ALX from Extang resists dents, scratches, and UV induced fading better than typical aluminum or fiberglass panels.

From $999.99

Hard Folding Bed Covers