ARB 4L Air Tank (2 Port)

  • ARB 4L Air Tank (2 Port)
  • ARB 4L Air Tank (2 Port)
  • ARB 4L Air Tank (2 Port)
  • ARB 4L Air Tank (2 Port)


ARB Forged 1 Gallon Air Tank Features:
  • One Gallon Capacity
  • Created From Forged Aluminum
  • Two JIC4 Ports
  • Compatible With ARB Air Compressors
  • Dimensions 6.5"W X 6.5"H X 10"L
Extra Air When You Need It MostGetting stuck on the side of the road with a flat is never fun. Sure you can make sure to have the old four way and jack setup that comes with most vehicles, but it would be nice to be able to use air tools instead, especially if you need to change a tire on a trailer. This tank from ARB allows for use of air tools and even has two JIC4 ports to be able to run your drill and a heavy duty jack. The air tank is aluminum forged which makes it lighter than steel but just as durable. ARB created this tank to work perfectly with ARB air compressors.

Those air compressor models include:
•    CKMA12
•    CKMA24
•    CKMTA12
•    CKMTA24

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