9008/H13 Morimoto Elite HID System

9008/H13 Morimoto Elite HID System

Recently added to our site, the Morimoto Elite 9008/H13 HID System.

Truly Elite: Elite Systems are composed of the best HID ballasts, bulbs, and wiring Morimoto has to offer, all perfectly matched to produce unequivocal high performance results. If you’re considering upgrading your stock halogen system, this 9008/H13 HID headlight kit will put any thought of switching to LEDs to rest. Check out the Reviews from real customers who have experienced the powerful performance of a Morimoto high intensity discharge lighting system, and keep reading for more reasons to believe.

It's Your Opinion: 35W or 50W ballasts, 4300K or 6000K bulbs — you decide. Watch this helpful video that explains all of the options available with Morimoto's Elite H13/9008 HID replacement kits.

Ballast Biased: We’ve put the Morimoto XB ballasts available with their 9008/H13 HID conversion kit up to the test against the competition. With nearly instantaneous warm-up times, compact size paired with killer looks, and the latest software that eliminates misfire, failures, and electromagnetic radio interference, few other aftermarket options even come close. Did we mention the sharp industrial-edge design we couldn’t take our eyes off? Inside an out, for headlight nerds like us, the XB ballasts are a thing of beauty.

9008/H13 HID BULBS: We’re talking bi-xenon brilliance that shines a light on how cheap most other bulbs you get in an HID kit really are. The Morimoto XB HID bulbs that come with the H13 high/low HID kit are manufactured using premium quality materials such as U.S. sourced halide salts and real quartz glass that make the difference. We tried them out in some of our own vehicles and were impressed with the accurate color temperatures, increase in lumens, and surprisingly precise, uniform distribution of light – uncommon for dual beam HID bulbs.

Quality Wire Harnesses: We’ve said it before, and we’ll continue to preach the truth: A wire harness is a critical ingredient in the recipe for a successful HID system upgrade. The Morimoto Elite System H13/9008 HID kit with dual beam capabilities comes with a MotoControl Bi-xenon Harness that’s on the same level as the other premium components. We really like how the smart relay is triple-sealed for protection, while the 14-gauge stranded copper wiring is wrapped in a special black mesh sleeving that looks and lasts like OEM.

Canbus Wire Harnesses: Morimoto offers an optional Standalone Canbus wire harness with the 9008/H13 HID headlight kit that provides a quick and easy solution when working on cars that display a “bulb out” warning when modified. Using innovative technology, the harness actually tricks the Canbus system into thinking it’s still running on the original halogen bulbs. A remedy to annoying warning signals that’s so easy to work with your kids can do it? Not many H13 applications out there that need these, but for those that do, sign us up!

Fully Protected: If we sell it, we believe in it. In fact, more than a few of us have used H13/9008 HID conversion kits to retrofit some of our work trucks. Morimoto says these components will run for at least 2,500 hours, and we back that up all the way. The full 5-year warranty* on the entire kit from a company with a reputation you can trust isn’t too good to be true. It’s what you deserve. [*XB55 kits have a 3-year warranty]

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Feb 10th 2018

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