CrystaLux 7440/7443 CL40 (400 Lumen) LED Bulbs (Pair)

  • CrystaLux 7440/7443 CL40 (400 Lumen) LED Bulbs (Pair)


Our ClaraLux LED Replacement Bulbs offer the highest quality and materials available in an LED Replacement Bulb. Manufactured using high quality LED diodes our bulbs are sure to last.ClaraLux LED Bulbs are designed to be direct replacements. The installation is 100% plug and play.

Note: Some installations may require LED Load Resistors to prevent hyperflashing. This is normal as LED Bulbs pull less current then traditional halogen bulbs.

Bulb Size: 7440/7443 (can be used in either application)
Lumen: 400 lumens (White) each / 240 lumens (Amber/Red) each
LED Chips: 30W (4+2* CREE-XBD-5W)
Current: 400mA each
Power: 3.84W each
Warranty: 2 Years

1 Pair of ClaraLux LED Bulbs

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