4 Position Wiring Seal/Grommet, Raised (Pair)

  • 4 Position Wiring Seal/Grommet, Raised (Pair)


Got Wires? Well you're going to need a way to pass them through the rear-end of your housing without letting moisture in. Here's your answer!

Easy: to use! Just bore out a 1" hole in the back or bottom of your headlight housing to seat the flanges of the seal into, then feed your wiring through the nipples on the seal.

Silicone: Each seal is made of a pliable yet durable silicone rubber that wont crack or harden over time. Made to last the life of your headlights!

Four Holes: Each seal has four holes in it, you can easily run four wires, or stretch to fit two through each hole.

Note: Holes may still be sealed and will require you to push a toothpick or drill bit through them to break the seal.


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