CANbus Anti-Flicker Resistor

  • CANbus Anti-Flicker Resistor


When an LED/HID Headlight Conversion kit is installed in newer car model or cars with a computer controlled unit, often there is an error code showing on the dash board or the LED/HID Headlights keep flickering and will not stay on. This is due to the fact that the LED/HID Headlight Conversion kit is triggering a bulb out warning signal in your cars' computer control unit.

This device is designed to balance out the current draw of the LED/HID Headlight Conversion kit and offset the warning signals on the dash board. It will also eliminate LED/HID headlight flickering that is caused by the Vehicle's computer not recognizing the low wattage LED bulb or low wattage relay when used with HID systems.

Volts in: DC 12V to 14V ; DC24V
Current: MAX 4A
Warranty:12 months
Package Included: 2x Warning Cancelling Load Resistors.
Quantity: 1 pair (left side and right side harness)
Male and female connector included
Pre-Wired for Plug and Play. No need to modify the stock wires at all
16 Gauge wire, high efficient copper wiring
Load Resistors: 50W

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