CrystaLux LED Headlight Bulbs for Ford F-150 (2015+)

  • G11 Series
  • G11 Series
  • CrystaLux LED Headlight Bulbs for Ford F-150 (2015+)
  • CrystaLux LED Headlight Bulbs for Ford F-150 (2015+)
  • G11 Series
  • G11 Series
  • CrystaLux LED Headlight Bulbs for Ford F-150 (2015+)
  • CrystaLux LED Headlight Bulbs for Ford F-150 (2015+)


Our CrystaLux LED Headlight & Fog Light Bulbs use the latest technologies available in an automotive LED bulb. Our bulbs will be a huge upgrade over your stock headlight bulbs. Available for the stock reflector housings, the Anzo Projector aftermarket housings and the Spyder Projector aftermarket housings.

Our G11 Series Bulbs are packed with the LatticeBright HGL3 LED diodes. Similar in nature to the G9 Series, these diodes run cooler than the XHP Series. They still offer a great amount of light on the road with a much easier installation. Cooling is achieved with double ball bearing fans making them easier to install over the G9 Series. The bulbs are offered in a 6000 Kelvin temperature which is slightly whiter than the G9 Series. Actual light output is around 1,740 lux (~20 feet from the source).

NOTICE FOR LIFTED TRUCKS: If you have a lifted truck (6" lift) you may have alignment issues with the light. Due to the design of the large fan housing on the G11 Series, you will have limited height adjustability with the G11 series and may not be able to adjust the headlights down far enough due to the design of the bulb and the 6" lift.


You'll want to choose the headlight housing that your truck currently has. Each style headlight housing uses a different bulb size (we'll known the correct size based on your selection here). If you've never replaced your headlight housings on your truck than your truck has the Factory Reflectors. If you've upgraded the entire headlight assembly to the Anzo, AlphaRex or Spyder Projectors, you'll want to choose those instead. Don't worry, we know which bulb you need based on your selection here.

  • Factory Halogen Housings:
    • Low Beams: H11
    • High Beams: 9005
  • AlphaRex Projector Housings
    • Low Beam: H7
    • High Beam: H7
  • Anzo Projector Housings (111347, 111357, 111348, 111358, 111398 & 111399)
    • Low Beams: H7
    • High Beams: H7
  • Anzo Projector Housings (111408, 111409, 111467 & 111468)
    • Low Beams: H7
    • High Beams: H1
  • Spyder Projector Housings
    • Low Beams: H7
    • High Beams: H1 (Our H1 Bulbs Do Not Fit However)

We need to know if you plan to upgrade the low beams or high beams. You can certainly do both (just change the dropdowns after adding the first configuration to your cart).

The G11 series bulbs will fit using the factory caps in a factory reflector housing, Anzos & Spyder housings. However we do recommend picking up a set of caps if you are replacing your low beams in the factory reflector housings. While the G11 series do fit without any clearance issues, the larger fan may rest against the side wall of the housing. This makes it difficult to re-install the factory caps as the factory cap will be sandwiched between the fan and the opening. This means you may have a difficult time aligning your headlight (the bulb won't move). For this reason we do recommend adding on the larger caps to ensure you have full adjust-ability with the G11 series.

Be sure to download/follow the instructions below to ensure a problem-free installation

You may experience interference on your radio when running LED or HID products. This is a very common occurrence and an easy solution (if you have some interference on your radio) is to clip on some ferrite cores. These are available on amazon (Link)

Some newer vehicles may require a CANBUS anti-flicker resistor (also called a decoder) as the LEDs use less current then typical halogen lights. This can cause lights to either flicker or go out. The CANBUS Anti-Flicker Resistors place a load on the line and let your computer know your headlights are not out. You may not require the CANBUS anti-flicker resistors. You only need to add/install these if you experience issues with your headlight turning off and/or flickering. There is nothing written in stone that says if you may need these or not. We recommend picking up a pair so that you have them on hand should you run into an issue. It doesn't hurt to install them but they will take up space in the housing.


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