ARB Universal Compressor Bracket

  • ARB Universal Compressor Bracket


ARB Universal Compressor Bracket Features: Secure ARB Compressor With This Bracket Mounting a compressor in modern-day vehicles has become more and more of a challenge as engine bays in modern vehicles have limited room for the installation of aftermarket accessories. To combat this, ARB has introduced a high quality, engineered bracket system to integrate an ARB Compressor into your vehicle. Introducing the Universal Compressor Bracket which allows you to install a CKMTA, CKMA, or CKSA (locker only) compressor with optional Air Locker solenoids, quick connect coupling, switch, manifold kit (CKMTA only) and ARB LINX PRV (pressure regulator). This bracket is a perfect solution to mount in the bed of your vehicle, under the seat or the back of an SUV where space permits.

Note: Optional switch extension harness part number 180427 has been developed to extend the switch portion of the compressor harness up to 9 ft. Works with ALL ARB Compressors.

Note: An additional bracket is included for the fitment of the 4L ARB Air Tank.

  • Strong Construction
  • Allows Easier Installation of Aftermarket accessories
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
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