CrystaLux Switch Harness for ARB Twin Compressors

  • CrystaLux Switch Harness for ARB Twin Compressors


Our CrystaLux Switch Harness for ARB Twin Compressors is an ideal harness for your air compressor if you are utilizing a switch. Many customers are mounting a switch right next to the compressor but are forced to run power to the switch separately. Our CrystaLux switch harness plugs directly into the ARB harness on the compressor and provides power to the switch along with a trigger wire. Simply plug the CrystaLux harness into the compressor, connect the 3 leads to the back of your ARB Switch and you can turn the compressor on/off. The switch also lights up as well when activated. Plug & Play! We've also added an in-line fuse to protect your equipment. The length of the pigtail is 24" long.



With the ARB switch mounted right side up the wires will connect to the switch using the 3 pin-outs on the left side. From top to bottom the order is Black (ground), Red (power), Blue (relay trigger).

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