CrystaLux DT 4-Pin Reverse Harness w/Upfitter Control

  • CrystaLux DT 4-Pin Reverse Harness w/Upfitter Control


Looking for an easy way to connect a pair of lights at the rear of your truck together and control them from a switch? This is the harness for you. Our harness connects a pair of lights with the DT 4-Pin Connector (found on Diode Dynamics Lights) and includes two ways to power the lights. While a DT 4-Pin connector is utilized this harness will only power on the main output of the light. This harness can be used alone however it's designed to work with our factory reverse pigtail harness.

This harness can be ran up to your engine bay where you can tie into an existing switch system (factory upfitters or an aftermarket switch panel). This will allow you to turn the light on/off.

Additionally we also provide a rear pigtail connection that allows you to connect one of our CrystaLux pigtail harnesses to your factory tail lights and then into this harness. This allows the lights to come on automatically when you put your truck in reverse. Note: The additional harness is not included and is sold separate. If you'd like to purchase the additional harness please purchase the CrystaLux DT 4-Pin In-Line Bronco Tail Light Harness (2021+ Ford Bronco).

Third, we've built in a diode into our harness so that should you activate your reverse lights from a switch your factory reverse lights will not turn on. This feature is useful at off-road events where you can now utilize your aftermarket reverse lights as chase lights. Simply snap on some amber covers and you have chase lights.


  • All-in-One Harness
  • Length works on Gen2/Gen3 Raptors, Broncos & More
  • Prevents factory reverse lights from turning on when upfitter is activated
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